Friday, February 27, 2009

WTF?!? Can't Upload?!?

The other day, I made a cool music video to the song 'Holler 'till you pass out' by 3oh!3. When I went to upload it, the video got rejected, because the song has been copyrighted. When I searched for 'Holler 'till you pass out' on YouTube, about 1,000 other videos came up that had the song in them. WHY do those videos get to be on YouTube, when my video get rejected? WHY?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens as Leah Clearwater in New Moon?

With all the “New Moon” casting rumors that have been floating around since “Twilight” hit theaters, we were especially wondering who would play werewolf Leah Clearwater, Jacob Black’s feisty and heartbroken frienemy.
Well, one of the rumored actresses in the running — “High School Musical” starlet Vanessa Hudgens — has apparently taken the next step and auditioned for the role, according to “Twilight” actress Ashley Greene.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Clamshell iPhone Pro

So you've seen the original iPhone Pro concept, now check out the clamshell version. Though it's a bit thicker, the phone would definitely give the Sprint Instinct some competition.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A look at some of the best iPhone and iPod Touch Apps of 2008.

The iPhone and iPod Touch have taken the world by storm. In just a little over six months time we’ve witnessed the doors of the iTunes App Store opening to the 10,000 app marker being crossed. In between that time we’ve see the $999 I’m Rich make several people poor, fart joke apps earning over $25K in one day, and Apple still looking the other way when users mention copy and paste. And with the number of total apps reaching over 13,500 less than a month since the 10,000 mark was passed, that growth is showing no signs of stopping. But some of these stand out much more than others do, so we’ve tried to hone in on the cream of the crop.

Top 10 Apps

An easy to use and full featured Twitter app that is speedy. The app has quite a bit of competition (other popular apps include Twitterfon and Twitterific).Link: AppVee’s Tweetie Review

Browse through the music genome and find new artists that fit your taste. These are automatically recommended by the site’s algorithm, so it acts like a personalized radio that works surprisingly well.Link: AppVee’s Pandora Review

Simplify Media
Connect to multiple computers and stream their music directly to your iPhone.Link: AppVee’s Simplify Media Review
RJDJ AlbumLet your iPhone and the world around you create unique and original music. The app uses external inputs (like sound) to create a dynamic soundtrack).Link: AppVee’s RjDj Review

Beejive IM
A multi-client instant messaging app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.Link: AppVee’s Beejive Review

Emulate 5 different camera and film setting directly from your iPhone. This helps spice up the photos you’re taking with the phone (the default application doesn’t offer much in the way of effects.Link: AppVee’s Camerabag Review

An updated version of the Facebook app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, this allows you to chat with friends, post on walls, and use nearly every feature available on the social network’s main website.Link: AppVee’s Facebook Review

A full featured replacement for the iPhone and iPod Touch contacts app.Link: AppVee’s Friendbook Review

Voice control nearly every aspect of your iPhone and more - it’s like a more powerful version of the highly hyped (and still-impressive) Google Mobile App.Link: AppVee’s Vlingo Review

Keep track of everything you could possibly want to remember (like notes or photos) whether you’re on the go or at home.Link: Appvee’s Evernote Review

Top 10 Games

An epic platform adventure game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, this is easily one of the most innovate games to hit the platform.Link: AppVee’s Rolando Review

A Tower defense game with SNES-like graphics. The classic gameply is highly addictive.Link: AppVee’s Fieldrunners Review

A unique puzzle game that asks you to guide your “jelly car” to an endzone. As with most of the other games on this list, this is highly addictive.Link: AppVee’s Jellycar Review

A multiplayer online word game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Multiplayer games on the iPhone are still rarer than they should be, and being able to play online definitely adds an extra dimension to the gameplay.Link: AppVee’s Scramboni Review

Dr. Awesome
Save your friends and family from deadly micro viruses in this iPhone and iPod Touch game.Link: AppVee’s Dr. Awesome Review

Up There
Guide your balloon through various obstacles as you attempt to get the highest scoreLink: AppVee’s Up There Review

Flick Fishing
Forget your fishing rod - this uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to allow you to mimic a realistic fishing motion to cast a line. Also check out many of SGN’s games, which feature similar motion detection.Link: AppVee’s Flick Fishing Review

Hero of Sparta
Control King Argos as you battle the Gods and their minions in this action adventure game.Link: AppVee’s Hero of Sparta Review

Brothers in Arms
Play through 14 levels on foot or vehicle in this WWII action game.Link: AppVee’s Brothers in Arms Review

Aurora Feint II
The popular iPhone and iPod Touch puzzle RPG game goes multiplayer.Link: AppVee’s Aurora Feint II Review

iPhone Nano.

iPhone Nano.

If it doesn’t have a video camera capability built in, I still don’t care.

PS Before anyone freaks out, I never said that this was real. It’s a leaked image based on a rumor and it could very easily just be fake.

Happy New Year!

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